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2019 Ram 1500 vs 2019 GMC Sierra

2019 Ram 1500 vs 2019 GMC Sierra

It's been a couple of years for full-size, light-duty pickup trucks. Not only have they become even more popular than ever with an increasingly wide audience of buyers, but many of the big players in the market have also launched totally new versions of their best-selling pickup truck models. Two such rivals are the Ram 1500 and the GMC Sierra, so let's put the latest 2019 Ram 1500 and 2019 GMC Sierra up against each other in a head-to-head comparison to see which is better.


It would be easy to decide which truck to buy if outright capability was all that mattered, as all we'd have to do is look up the numbers for towing, hauling and how much the trucks cost. Ram truck probably knows better than most that how a truck looks also matters, but that's not so easy to quantify. For a new model, the GMC hasn't changed its look a whole lot, but it looks the way we expect a full-size pickup to look and in its top trim levels it can appear quite upscale. Ram has toned down the macho look of the 1500 this time around, but it's still a more distinctive and individual model than the GMC.


Both trucks offer something the other doesn't. The 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 has a four-cylinder option the Ram 1500 lacks, but the Ram has gone even further by becoming the first manufacturer to put a mild-hybrid system in a full-size pickup truck. However, if we concentrate on the more conventional powerplants for a moment, the 5.3-litre V-8 in the GMC develops 355 horsepower and 383 lb.-ft. of torque, which is impressive. Unfortunately for the GMC, the 5.7-litre V-8 under the hood of the Ram 1500 develops 395 horsepower and 410 lb.-ft. and that grows to 540 lb.-ft. with the addition of the available eTorque mild-hybrid system.


For a lot of buyers, the outright capability is what really matters in a full-size pickup truck. Once again, the 2019 Ram 1500 has the advantage as it boasts class-leading V-8 capability. The maximum tow ratings for the Sierra 1500 is an impressive 12,200 pounds (5,534 kg), but the Ram can manage up to as much as 12,750 pounds (5,783 kg). The GMC also loses out when it comes to payload as the Ram can handle up to 2,300 pounds (1,043 kg), compared to just 2,240 pounds (1,016 kg) with the Sierra.


There isn't a huge amount of difference in price between the GMC and Ram, but especially in commercial applications, every dollar counts. The good news for the 2019 Ram 1500 is that it's more affordable than the 2019 GMC Sierra. The entry-level version of the Ram 1500 costs from $34,095, but the most affordable version of the GMC Sierra 1500 starts at a higher cost of $36,200.


The 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 is a fine truck with a lot going for it, but with the 2019 Ram 1500 being more affordable, more capable, more attractive and more contemporary with its eTorque mild-hybrid options, the Ram is the clear winner here.

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