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Car Maintenance

The Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

Other than buying a house, purchasing a car is the next most significant purchase we make. Just as a house requires maintenance to upkeep, so does a car. By doing regular maintenance you can extend the life of your car and avoid unnecessary big repair bills.  It's like they say, just because you don't know something is happening, doesn't mean it's not happening!  Regular maintenance will alert you to potential issues, giving you an opportunity to do a minor repair and prevent the major repair.


Here are some of the key issues that should be addressed on a regular basis:


Oil Changes

Changing your oil is one of the most important aspects of maintenance that you can do to keep your vehicle running smoothly.  There are hundreds of moving parts in your engine and that oil has to keep them lubricated and reduce engine heat. With every oil change you can expect a comprehensive multi-point inspection that covers the following:

Tire Check

Your vehicle's tires need to be checked regularly for tire wear and to make sure they're properly aligned, balanced and contain the correct air pressure. Proper maintenance is essential for tire performance and longevity, you'll want to get the most you can from your tires. If you require a new set, we have a large selection of dependable, high-quality tires in Bolton.

Windshield Wipers and Blades

Excellent visibility in rain, sleet or snow is essential to safe driving. Streaking, smearing or chattering (noisy blades) means it's time to change your blades. We'll check the condition of your blades and if you would like replacements, we can take care of it.

Fluid Levels

Like oil, other fluids in your vehicle are equally important. They need to be at proper levels to prevent damage and keep your vehicle healthy. There are four essential fluids that we check and replenish: coolant, wiper washer fluid, transmission fluid and brake fluid.


Besides your engine, nothing works harder than your brakes and that means that over time, parts eventually wear down and need to be replaced. We visually inspect your brakes to make sure they are working properly and to see whether further diagnose is advisable. Whatever your brake system needs, our highly trained brake technicians in Bolton can perform the proper maintenance needed.


Your vehicle's battery faces many adverse situations: summer heat, winter cold, alternator undercharging or overcharging. With proper care, batteries will have a long life and provide reliable, dependable service.

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