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Car Safety Checks

Car Safety Checks

Car Safety Checks


Even if you always get your car serviced at your dealership when it's due, there are other elements of car maintenance that need to be carried out in between those essential scheduled services. Most drivers will carry out some of them as a matter of course, but jobs might not be getting the attention they need, and some will not get done at all. So, here's a check off listing of car safety inspections that you can perform on a routine monthly basis in order to keep you and your passengers safe.


Tires and tire pressures
It really is amazing how little attention some people pay to tires, especially as they're one of the most important parts of your vehicle as far as safety is concerned. The first thing you should do as part of a monthly check is to walk around and inspect your tires for damage and/or uneven wear. Make sure the tread depths are acceptable, even if there's no damage or uneven wear, and then check the pressures to make sure they're correctly inflated.


Engine oil
Be sure to check the level of oil in your engine using the dipstick, and make sure it's not below or even above the ideal level. If the level is too low, top it up right away to the correct level using the right oil for your particular vehicle. If you don't know what that is, consult your owner manual or ask an expert at the dealership. There are a lot of different oils these days and getting the right one is vital, especially with newer cars.


You'll probably have to enlist the help of someone to check your lights and turn signals to ensure they are in proper working condition, but it's better than having to answer to the police if they pull you over because a light's out. Get someone to press the brake pedal and turn the turn signals and fog lights on and off as you observe from the front and then the rear of the vehicle.


There are two water levels you should keep topped off, your coolant water and your windshield washer fluid. Find you coolant reservoir and check that the water is between the minimum and maximum levels, and add tap water as well as the correct amount of antifreeze if required. It's even simpler with your windshield washer fluid, as that just needs topping off to the maximum. But don't forget to add some proprietary windshield wash to the water to stop it freezing and to wash your windshield better.


Other fluids
There are a number of additional fluids that need to be checked, but not everyone will be comfortable with checking some of these themselves. They include the brake fluid, power steering fluid and the transmission fluid, and you can look-up how to check them on your vehicle in the owner's manual. If you're not comfortable with carrying these checks out, don't be afraid to get a professional to do it for you from time to time.


Wiper blades
We don't appreciate just how much we rely on these thin strips of rubber until they fail when we need them most, so checking to make sure they're in good condition on a regular basis can save inconvenience, and also helps keep you safe. Check the rubber for nicks, cracks or excessive wear, and if you spot anything wrong change them yourself or get your dealer to do it for you.


If you're not sure of how to check some elements of your specific car as part of your new monthly maintenance checklist, don't hesitate to get in touch with us here at Caledon Chrysler.

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