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How to Winterize Your Car

How to Winterize Your Car

Living in Canada, you need to winterize a car to guard against problems as the temperature starts to plunge. The following car care tips will help ensure you don't become stranded or have other problems caused by the weather. To address them items, the service centre at Caledon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram will help in every way possible.

Wiper Blades

One of the biggest problems people experience in the winter season is the inability to see out of their windshield. This is something you must address to winterize your car. During the winter, your wiper blades must be excellent at clearing snow, ice, etc. off the glass quickly.

If your car sits outside most of the time, the wiper blades won't last as long. The rubber bakes on the hot glass during the summer months, and endures sub-freezing temperatures in the winter. Those extremes will cause the rubber to crack and become brittle.

Once your wiper blades leave streaks on the glass, it might be time to change them out. First, trying cleaning off the blades with a towel. If that doesn't work, swap out the wiper blades for new ones, before you're left with diminished visibility.


One of the most important safety items on your car for winter are the tires. If yours are worn down and in need of being changed out, doing so before winter weather strikes is an extremely good idea. After all, not having enough traction can lead to you getting stuck, sliding into other cars, or any number of dangerous situations.

Your tires have wear indicators that run perpendicular to the tread pattern. If these bars are exposed, you need to get new tires. Our service centre or any other shop can accurately measure the depth of the tread and tell you if your tires are too far gone.

If you need new tires, consider getting snow tires before winter strikes. You might even want to get some, even if you other tires are okay. The rubber in snow tires is softer and won't freeze as easily. That means they stay flexible and grip better when everything is frozen, so you enjoy superior traction.


As you prepare for winter, checking the anti-freeze in your car is another important item. As the name suggests, the specialized fluid will prevent your radiator from freezing, even in the bitterest of winter temperatures.

Not only does anti-freeze resist freezing, it powers your heater. As anti-freeze removes heat from the engine, it transfers that heat to your car's cabin through the vents. If your anti-freeze is too low, your heater won't work properly.


Get an oil change if you're due for one. The extreme cold of winter puts a strain on your engine and the oil. Having the oil in peak operating condition will guard against damage. It will also help ensure your engine keeps running smoothly.

Hoses and Belts

Inspect all the hoses and belts on your car. Since they're made of rubber, the extreme cold can cause the material to crack and become brittle. If you notice any fraying, cracking, or other signs of wear, now is the time to replace them.

To help you address these and any other car care items, visit the service centre at Caledon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.
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