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The Jeep Wave

The Jeep Wave

You might have heard of the Jeep Wave, but are too scared to ask anyone what it really means for fear you'll be labeled anything but a true Jeeper. We're here to help clear up any confusion about what it is, how it works and more.

jeep with top open

The Jeep Wave Explained

No, the Jeep Wave isn't when Jeep owners get together in a stadium and stand up, then sit down in rapid succession like at baseball or hockey games. It also doesn't involve driving your Jeep into a wave at Port Credit. In a nutshell, the Jeep Wave literally involves Jeep drivers waving to each other on the road. That might sound like a simple, silly thing, but it's a gesture of camaraderie people who own other vehicles simply will never share. Driving and owning a Jeep is like a way of life, a philosophy on how to view the world and the silliness of strictly sticking to pavement as a means of transportation.

Jeep owners wave at each other, so if you're going to own and drive one in the Caledon area, you need to be aware of the tradition.

jeep steering wheel

How to Do the Jeep Wave Properly

There's some debate about how to do the Jeep Wave properly. What really matters is that you do it each time you see a fellow Jeeper on the road or trail.

If your Jeep is without a top, the proper thing to do is extend one hand above the windshield frame, so you can still use the other to avoid crashing. Of course, if a driver's too short to reach that high, extending the arm up as far as possible is acceptable.

Some people say it's preferable to wave out of one of the windows, which is fine as well. Really, it's just fun to wave through the top of the rig, because you can't do that on most vehicles. If it's cold, holding up a hand above the steering wheel is an acceptable form of the Jeep Wave.

In certain areas, Jeepers do the wave by simply raising a few fingers off the steering wheel. This might appear lazy to some, but it's really just a cultural thing to be aware of.

Jeep Wave Etiquette

jeep rear

There's a pecking order when it comes to the Jeep Wave, and knowing this is essential to following proper etiquette. The lower down you are on the order, the more obligated you are to initiate the Jeep Wave. Simply put, cooler and more respectable Jeep drivers don't necessarily have to acknowledge you if you don't wave to them first.

The older the Jeep, the higher up that chain of respect the driver sits. For example, a CJ trumps a TJ every time. Modifications play a big part in the pecking order as well, because the more a Jeep has the greater the respect it commands. This doesn't mean drivers of older, more built rigs don't need to wave back at others, because they should do so in the spirit of brotherhood.
Weather does play a factor in Jeep Wave etiquette. The colder and more miserable it is, the subtler the wave can be. If you're on a difficult part of a trail where both hands need to be on the wheel, it's acceptable to concentrate on not crashing or getting stuck.

Being part of the Jeep family means you get to participate in fun things like the Jeep Wave. Browse our inventory of Jeeps online and contact us to set up a test drive, making your Jeep dreams a reality.


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