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Whats The Best Jeep Wrangler Trim Level For Me

Whats The Best Jeep Wrangler Trim Level For Me

Deciding which trim level is right for you is just one thing that makes it fun to buy a Jeep Wrangler from your Toronto dealership. The 2016 edition has made it tougher with so many Jeep Wrangler trim levels. Of course, that also makes it easier to find a match for your personality and lifestyle. As one of Canada's best-selling compact SUVs, the Jeep Wrangler has much to offer families, automotive enthusiasts, and adventure lovers of all stripes.


Family Style

Now, the Jeep Wrangler may not be thought of as a family SUV, but the truth is that families are among its leading purchasers. The Wrangler Unlimited has plenty of space and one of the largest cargo holds in the two-row SUV segment. This makes it big enough for wiggling kids and all of their gear. Since all-wheel drive is standard, parents won't be as worried about road conditions and bad weather. The Jeep Wrangler's standard 4WD is considered best-in-class for snow, and that's reassuring to parents who are chauffeuring their kids every day. The type of family will definitely influence which of the Jeep Wrangler trim levels is right for you, but it's safe to say that some will opt for the budget-friendly Jeep Wrangler Sport. Others will want the Rubicon with special comforts like heated seats. The Sahara, with its standard removable hardtop, may be the one that is most practical for many Canadian families on the go.

Jeep Wrangler

Convertible Lovers

For those who love a convertible, the open air Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited offer two major choices to let you feel the wind in your hair. You can go simple with the Sport, take adventure further with the Sahara, or max out the luxuries with the Rubicon. If having a convertible is part of your bent toward luxury, you'll probably love the Rubicon Hard Rock. This Jeep seems to have all the right stuff for adventure and for luxury living. On the adventure side, there's the incredible four-wheel drive with its crawl capability. On the luxury side, it's the black leather seats, Quick Silver accents, and exclusive styling that just invite you in. The front seats are heated. The dash hosts a premium Electronic Vehicle Information Centre to keep you apprised of the Jeep's systems. In a nod to winter realities, it even has special all-weather slush mats.


Customization Enthusiasts

Jeeps come in some colors you just can't find anywhere else. Three of the latest choices include Hypergreen, Mojave Sand and Rhino. Yet its customization possibilities go much further than its hue. You can enjoy customized looks without paying for customization with models like the 2016 Willys Wheeler edition. The unique exterior has a special gloss black grille. The front and rear bumpers feature special appliques. There's a lot of special hardware for tackling the trail. This includes the Trac Lok Dana 44 rear axles and BF Goodrich KM Mud Terrain tires. Drivers can choose the blacksplatter Freedom hard top or go for the Wrangler's exclusive half doors. If you are looking for something even more customized, the 75th Anniversary Edition may be for you. Bronze accents the grille, headlamps, and badge. The rock rails, tow hooks, and bumpers are both painted bronze. The bronzed wheels have orange accents. The interior has leather-faced seats with special ombré mesh inserts, and the instrument panel is dotted with Moroccan Sun bezels. The dash hosts a 6.5-inch touch screen with navigation.

Jeep Wrangler Interior

Driving Enthusiasts

While many are still in the dark about how much fun the Jeep Wrangler is to drive, those in the know can tell you that this off-roader is also built for the road. It has to have incredible power to deal with its terrain-climbing challenges. Boasting one of Ward's 10 Best Engines, Wranglers are rated at 285 horsepower. Driving enthusiasts can take advantage of the Wrangler's manual transmission, which is fairly exclusive in today's world of automatic SUVs. The Wrangler Sahara's creative appearance is also sure to please. It has been updated with new exterior and interior features, including a new Olive Green cabin option. The standard hardtop makes it a good choice for those who love the open road even in the toughest winters. You can count on the Sahara to handle your off-roading adventures too. The heavy duty suspension has tough gas shocks.

Jeep Wrangler on Snow

Budget-Friendly Off-Roader

If you just want the basic off-roader without too much fuss, the Jeep Wrangler Sport is an easy choice. It has an off-road ready four-wheel-drive system, skid plates and that great wash-out floor that makes it easy to clean up. It's a favourite for those who love fishing, camping, hunting and other outdoor activities. The regular Jeep Wrangler Sport has a tighter turning circle than the Unlimited, which makes it the most agile on the trail. Skid plates and high-mounted exterior features keep it out of trouble. It has the ability to ford up to 18 inches of water, thanks to its high ground clearance.


Over-the-Top Adventure Lovers

If you are the type who really wants to do some serious back country riding, the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon has been declared the 4x4 of the Decade. This is a favourite thanks to its rock rails, a performance suspension, and other off-road equipment. Rock-Trac is a heavy-duty, part-time four-wheel drivetrain with an electronic front sway bar disconnect. It has dual Tru-Lok axles, including a Dana 44 heavy-duty front axle. Flattering features include black fender flares, a body-colour bumper overlay, tubular side steps, and wheels with mineral grey painted centres.


You are invited to check our website and take a look at the different Jeep Wrangler trim levels in stock. Feel free to drop by for a test drive of your favorite Wrangler.

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