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11 Tips to Get the Best Fuel Economy

11 Tips to Get the Best Fuel Economy

No matter what the current cost of gas, we all want to spend less at the pump whenever we can. While we can't control the rise and fall of gas prices, we do have the power to optimize our overall fuel economy with our vehicular habits and routines. A few simple tips not only help keep our money where it belongs (in our wallets), they can also help the environment by lowering overall emissions from your vehicle.


1. Avoid High Speeds
Overall aerodynamic drag increases in parallel with your speed. Reducing your pace can save a significant percentage in gas consumption every year.


2. Maintain Consistent Speeds
High speed isn't the only thing that impacts fuel economy. Rapid acceleration followed by heavy braking in stop-and-go traffic can guzzle up to 20 percent more gasoline than maintaining a consistent speed level. Whenever possible, seek routes that avoid heavy traffic to retain a steady driving pace. Better yet, use your cruise control setting and have your vehicle do it for you.


3. Plan For Lengthy Idles
Sometimes coming to a stop is unavoidable. However, you do still have options. If you notice that your stop lasts longer than 60 seconds, turn your engine off. Restarting the vehicle proves a better choice than allowing the car to idle indefinitely.


4. Monitor Air Conditioner and Defroster Use
Many people don't realize that air conditioning in our vehicles taxes the engine, resulting in a major boost in fuel use. Limit a/c use whenever possible. Also, remember that your defroster setting may also use the air conditioner in your vehicle. Use it sparingly in the winter months; a general rule of thumb is to only hit defrost when your windows are actually fogged up.


5. Roll the Windows Up on the Highway
Monitoring air conditioning does not always mean rolling your window down. In fact, rolling down your windows while driving at an accelerated rate enhances drag and fuel use. Keep them rolled up while highway driving to minimize depletion.


6. Combine Trips
Don't tackle errands one trip at time. Instead, think about everything you have to do and everywhere you have to go throughout the day. Strategize your routes to minimize overall back-and-forth driving. Also, whenever possible, choose local establishments to keep round-trip driving at a minimum. Just a little planning and preparation can make your navigation as efficient as possible.


7. Park the Car
Sometimes keeping errands local means you can leave the car at home completely. When planning your routes, determine if there are any parts of the trip you can walk to. Walking and biking to places close to home not only saves on gas, it's an environmentally friendly and healthy option.


8. Keep Tires Pumped
Yes, we have all neglected the tire pressure in our vehicles at some point. But many of us don't realize it can have a direct affect on our wallets. Regularly caring for your tires and keeping them adequately inflated can save you up to $200 a year at the pump, making consistent care and maintenance a savvy investment.


9. Service Your Automobile Consistently
Low fluid levels, non-functioning air filters and old parts can quickly drain your gas levels. Servicing your vehicle regularly will not only combat fuel consumption, it will also help maintain the value of your automobile when you're ready to trade it in.


10. Limit the Load Weight
The more you carry in your car or truck, the more quickly you will burn through what's in the tank. Strategically load up your automobile by only transporting what's necessary. Additionally, limit using roof racks and other heavy transport equipment to only when they're needed.


11. Choose a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle
The type of vehicle you drive can have the biggest impact on your overall fuel efficiency. Some automobiles simply guzzle gas. No matter what type of strategies you employ, you may still find yourself in a constant cycle of fuelling up. If you feel like you're spending far too much time at the gas station, you may want to consider purchasing a more fuel-efficient automobile. Going into the buying process with a focus on fuel economy will help ensure you win the war at the pump.



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