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3 Ways To See If You Need New Tires

3 Ways To See If You Need New Tires

New tires
Tires are a vital piece of equipment for your car, which is why you shouldn't ignore them. It's a natural thing to wonder if you need new tires, since they obviously don't last forever. When they wear to a certain point, your safety is put in danger on multiple levels, not to mention performance suffers, making tire replacement a top priority.
The following three ways will help you determine if your tires are at the end of their life. And remember to get a tire change in Thornhill, come to Caledon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, where we always deliver excellent service.
Tread Wear

You can look for the tread wear bar located between the tire's treads for an indication that the tread has worn too low. If the surface of the tire's tread has reached the same level as the wear bar, that means it's time to get new tires.
Once the tire tread reaches the same level as the tread wear bar, your tires have lost almost twice their stopping performance. That's concerning, considering at any moment on the road you might need to stop suddenly with little room for error. Worn tires might be the factor, which could lead to a collision.
Obvious Damage

Just looking at the tires, you might see signs of damage, meaning your tires need to be swapped for new ones. Periodically, you should look over your tires and ensure nothing concerning has emerged, before it's too late.
Bulges are usually obvious enough you can spot them immediately. A subtler form of damage is small cracks in the sidewalls or even tread area. Small bubbles are also concerning, since they're a sign that your tires are no longer performing as they should.
These damages usually mean the structural integrity of your tires has been compromised. You're running a huge risk, because tires with damage can suddenly blow out. In that kind of a situation, you might completely lose control of your car, leading to a serious accident. Damage on your tires should be addressed immediately.

Like many other things, your tires don't become better as they grow older. If your tires are 6 years-old or older, you need to keep a close eye on them. Even if the tread is still in great shape, your old tires might need to be retired before you face any danger.
As tires sit in the sun, the rubber actually breaks down. If you're not careful, the tires can start to deteriorate rapidly, leading to accelerated damage.
Find the date your tires were made on the sidewall. It's always printed in a four-digit number, with the first two digits standing for what week of the year and the second two representing the last two numbers of the year. Armed with that information, you'll always know exactly how old your tires are.
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