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Getting Your Car Ready For Summer

Getting Your Car Ready For Summer

We often hear about getting our cars ready for winter, and it's common to see service centres advertising special offers to get people in to have their vehicle checked over before the winter weather arrives. But not too much is said about the preparation of your car for summer once winter is in the rearview mirror. So, here are a few elements of car care we should all think about that ought to become part of an annual summer car care routine.


Car Cleaning


It's hard to think of an area of a car that's more important than the tires, or an area that experiences as much wear and tear. First of all it's essential to make sure the right tires are on for the right time of year. In areas where snow and ice is prevalent in winter a set of special winter tires should always be used, but they need to get swapped for the summer or all-weather set when winter subsides. It's therefore a great time ahead of summer arriving to check the wear and condition of tires and replace if necessary. Look for visible wear, check the tread depth, and examine carefully for any signs of bubbles in the sidewalls.


Driving in the summer is likely to be a quicker experience than in the harsh weather of winter, so brakes need to be ready to take a whole lot more abuse than they got away with in winter. Brake pads can deteriorate over winter despite limited use as the extremes of temperature and freezing take their toll. If you know what to look for check them out, but it makes most sense to have the wheels removed to check them properly, and best practice to have a certified technician inspect them for you at Caledon Chrysler.

Have a good wash

A good wash is always recommended as during winter vehicles tend to retain salt, dirt and filth underneath the carriage during winter. Although a good clean and wax will help preserve your paint and body work, it's the underside of your car that needs it most. Salt used to melt ice has a corrosive effect so needs to be washed away before it does its worse, and it's easier to diagnose leaks or replaceable parts if you can see them.

Don't forget your windows

We're talking here about the inside of the glass. The inside of the windows will undoubtedly have been smudged while we used the defroster and wiped away for quicker action. And what about when the glass film is left, making it difficult to see out especially in bright sunlight. Use a applicable substance and cloths to give the inside glass a treatment, and you'll be amazed at just what a difference it will make.

Toping Fluids

There's never a bad time to check the various fluids in your car, but before summer is an especially good opportunity. Anyone can check engine oil and windshield washer reservoirs but engine coolant, brake fluid, power-steering fluid and transmission fluid all need to be maintained as well.

If you're not up to checking fluids yourself and need your expert at Caledon Chrysler service centre to help you out, don't hesitate to get in touch with us right here at Caledon Chrysler.

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